Durham North Carolina Places To Tour While On Vacation

The tourist scene is booming in Durham, North Carolina with more and more people visiting the city more frequently. The city has really caused a buzz in the tourism sector for a while and that is why millions of people are flocking the place to see first-hand what the fuss is all about. If you are planning to go on vacation and have not made up your mind, then your search is over. Durham is a top tourist getaway location that will thrill and excite your various tastes. So while on vacation in Durham, these are the must-see places to pay a visit.

Durham Bulls Athletic Park

This is the home ground of Durham Bulls minor league baseball team and is a top attraction to marvel at. Nothing says vacation like catching a game and literally letting loose shouting and cheering while the game progresses. The fan-game experience is something not to miss out with rowdy fans from both ends showing how passionate they are. Such a sight is simply unforgettable. The design of the stadium provides fans with a clear view of the entire field so you won’t have to strain yourself. The seats are wide and have extra legroom ensuring total comfort while watching the game. The most famous attribute standing above the ballpark is the Snorting Bull sculpture which is a photo sensation for visitors.

Museum Of Life And Science

This is a family-friendly spot that can entertain both kids and adults. It has various activities to engage kids with interactive and hands-on experiments that are sure to stimulate and develop their young brains. It is a natural science museum with a variety of outdoor and indoor exhibits. The aerospace exhibit is a must-see as it shows early NASA space program equipment that was used for space exploration. Other popular exhibits include the three-story glass Butterfly House, farmyard, dinosaur trail and labs used for presentations and experiments throughout the day. Other elements explored include health, weather patterns, and math. There is an outdoor space where you can get close to barred owls, screech owls, black bears, and rescued lemurs. The butterfly conservatory is especially popular with the kids. Here, you will get to have fun and still learn about life and science in the process.

When going for a vacation in Durham, going to a place close to your attractions can be a wise decision. This won’t be a problem since most of the attractions in Durham are just miles apart which means you can walk or ride a bike to your preferred destination with ease while accumulating more experiences.